Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

Portfolio Description

Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) or in Indonesian Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) is a merger of Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) as the stock market with the Surabaya Stock Exchange (SSX) as the bond market. IDX is the capital market in Indonesia which facilitates the trading of equities, fixed incomes, and derivative instruments. The capital market is an important market for the economy of a country because it has two functions: first, facilitating companies to obtain funds from public investors. Second, facilitating people who want to invest in financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and others. Furthermore, the capital market also reflects the national economy’s condition


One of the capital market’s important roles is information distribution to the capital market participants and the public community. In the past, the information was distributed by two markets, JSX and SSX, in separte ways. Now that JSX and SSX have been merged into IDX, a new integrated information portal ( ) is needed to accommodate IDX role as the center of information distribution and disclosure.

The Results

To meet the challenging objective of the new portal of IDX, Konsep Dot Net, as a Microsoft Certified Partner,  develops an interactive and dynamic web application based on Microsoft .NET technology. As the building base, we utilize DotNetNuke Professional Editionthe most widely adopted Microsoft .NET Web Content Management Platform. To give a more interactive user experience, we integrated Telerik, a set of .NET user interface controls and components for report generation, code analysis, refactoring and TDD, into our web application. Microsoft SQL Server, a widely proven database server for its high levels of performance, availability, and security is used for the database is using more than 5 servers to give the best performance to users. This new website is also using Google site search for searching solutions (including file’s content like pdf, Microsoft word, text file, etc.)

Main Features

  • Google Maps
  • Google Site Search
  • Content Management Module
    > Publication
    > News and Announcement
    > Regulation
  • Data synchronization with XML Data module from IDX Net
    > Listed Company
    > Brokers
    > Market Information
  • Data Download
  • Community Features (Facebook & Twitter)
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