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What is a personal website ?

Personal website are World Wide Web pages created to contain content of a personal nature rather than content pertaining to a company, organization or institution. There are also wedding sites, prewedding sites,  memorial sites, anniversary sites, sweetseventeen sites, portofolio, sites about people’s pets, and websites about people’s interests and hobbies.


Why you need a personal website ?

  1. The moment you accomplish something, you can add it to your website. You don’t need to print new copies of it and send it out to your contacts over and over, you just update it. People can continually come back and see what you’re up to.
  2. Having a website makes you more findable. If all you have is a resume, you have to go out and hand it to people to get your name out. If someone wanted to look you up on the internet and you didn’t have a website, all they might get is a Social Media profile. However, if you have a website, you can be found by a much wider audience and control what it is they see first. This is key for establishing your personal brand and for highlighting your accomplishments.
  3. Not many people have one. Succeeding today requires that you make yourself stand out, and having a website can help you do that. It shows that you’ve taken the time to learn how to do something fairly technical, and it shows that you have some skills other people don’t have.
  4. You gain some new skills that can be very useful in the future. Learning how to build a website involves a number of different skills, especially if you get into customizing and optimizing things. Even if you’re not looking for a job in a tech field, having these skills can give you a leg up.


How can we help you ?

NetDesain is a team consisted of young, creative and professional talents from various backgrounds that share the same passion in the web. We combine our expertise in web development, with the urge to always come up with the best and suitable solutions for our clients. The NetDesain team will always provide a first class account management to you. Our ultimate objection is simply the satisfaction of our clients.

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