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With the supply of hardwood greatly reduced as a result of the need to protect forest wood, the price of hardwood has been on the rise as demand exceeds supply of hardwood. Even with the adoption of good governance in the harvesting of forest wood, supply continues to lag behind as it takes decades to replace hardwood trees!

In order to tap into the hardwood market, we have developed techniques of converting 5-year-old Jabon softwood, into hardwood that looks and works exactly like natural hardwood. We call this amazing product GWoods.

Using our proprietary technique, we can produce hardwood from our plantation-grown 5-year-old Jabon softwood. The result is a solid hardwood with a density and hardness equivalent with 30-year-old teak wood species, like Ulin or Merbau, both of which command high market value.

This manufacturing process, which involves a meticulous processes that is part science and part art, we can produce hardwood that’s not just hard, but it can come in varying shades of color, with beautiful grain patterns as well.

The result is a hardwood product that is hard-wearing, water-resistant, and termite-proof!

1 cubic meter of GWoods will yield about 66 square meters of 15mm thick tongue and groove floorboards. With the price of hardwood on the rise, and forest wood dwindling in supply, we believe we have an economical and green solution to save the forest and still satisfy the demand for hardwood around the world!

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